Through 20 years¡¯ study on electronic manufacturing technologies, and the experiences accumulated in business support and technical consultation for thousands of large and medium-sized international enterprises, Sunyes has firmly formed a full set of electronic manufacturing solution based on sound scientific theory practices. Putting forward the concepts of ¡°Electronic Tool¡± and ¡°Electronic Manufacturing¡± in the world firstly, Sunyes has leaded the electronic tool industry into a higher technical level. The so-called electronic manufacturing is namely the production process of various electronic elements, devices, components and the complete machine, which is called assembly technology in China and PE in the international wide.

Birth of any electronic product goes through three processes, i.e. R & D, material procurement and manufacturing. Electronic manufacturing is a course to assembly parts, components and subassemblies into products of complete and firm structure and nice appearance, including two production environments (namely purification environment and electrostatic prevention environment) and ten technologies (welding, tightening, lubrication, splicing, paste, testing, measurement, photology, SMT, environmental simulation). In the production of a specific electronic product, allocation of various production resources should be done: Scientific planning should be done for what necessary in production as ¡°intangible¡± work (personnel allocation, formulation of processes and flows, drawing up of relevant standards, etc.) and ¡°tangible¡± work(factory building layout, machinery, instrumentations and means of production). In short, relied on strong technical support, excellent management team, specialized logistics system and full product line, electronic manufacturing solution aims to provide electronics manufacturers with a complete and assorted supply chain.

¡°Electronic manufacturing solutions¡± could improve the efficiency and reduce the cost consumed in the electronic manufacturing process for the customers to the utmost extent, specifically, the capability could be increased by 10%, the product through rate could be increased by 10%, and the production cost could be reduced by 10%. In all, Sunyes could offer total solutions that are tailored to the needs of the customers and are characterized by ¡°high efficiency, high quality, low cost and low consumption¡±, which could help the customers to concentrate their time and energy on research & development and market exploration, so that they could enhance the overall benefits of their enterprises.