Innovation of the electronic manufacturing technologies is not only the key factor that determines the improvement of the core competence of the electronic information industry, but also the fundamental way to improve the quality, reduce the cost and enhance the efficiency of electronic information products. Relied on its powerful electronic manufacturing chain system, Sunyes could achieve successful digitization, normalization and standardization of the manufacturing system, which enable Sunyes has the ability to provide customers with electronic manufacturing technologies and solutions, supply and service the systems of the customers, and offer process diagnosis ,consultation , design service and technical service to the customers¡¯ systems .The extensive functions of Sunyes can be shown as follows:

Based on thorough communication with the R&D engineers, Sunyes is striving to merge the manufacturing process into the design concept of the products, so that the products designed could avoid capacity obstacles in the production process and could avoid environmental obstacles in the process of being used.

Based on thorough communication with the production engineers and PE engineers, Sunyes is striving to enhance the product throughout rate and maximize the capacity.

Based on thorough communication with the quality engineers, Sunyes is striving to identify the causes of the defective products as soon as possible, and then make improvement in the manufacturing materials and processes.

By advocating the service concept of offering high quality, fast, comprehensive and continuous services, and relying on the experiences through performing scientific research, production, sales, and service during the past 20 years, Sunyes could provide customers with more superb technologies and more professional services. In accordance with its market culture of ¡°being oriented for customer¡¯s demand¡± and its service consciousness of ¡°treating the customers just like treating yourself¡±, Sunyes has always been striving for provide customers with high-level technical services and keeping synchronous development between the after-sale service network and the sales network.